Member benefits

  • Attendance at the general assembly (every two years during regular symposia) and the right to vote on policy issues.
  • Reduction of 25% on registration fees for all events organized by the association. Reduction on proceedings published by the association.
  • Members receive regular updates on work and events of the association through a Newsletter.
  • Online subscription to the International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

In order to be eligible for a member benefit (Journal, student travel grant), you must have been a member of IAEAC for at least one year.

Annual membership fees

  • Personal membership:  20 EUR (since 2015)
  • University membership: 165 EUR
  • Company membership:  250 EUR

You will be informed about your admission as a member of the association and billed for membership fees.

Bank Information
Credit Suissse, St.Alban–Graben 1–3, CH–4002 Basel, Switzerland
EUR account: IBAN: CH81 0483 5028 7720 0200 6

Free Student Membership
Following a ballot of the IAEAC Members, support was given to allow students to receive free membership of the Association. The IAEAC Statutes have been amended accordingly and IAEAC now consists of active members, sponsors, and postgraduate students (candidates for transition to active membership). Based on a justified application, postgraduate students can be granted a non-contributory candidacy towards active membership, for a maximum period of three years. During this time, the candidates may make use of the benefits offered by the IAEAC, however, without the right to vote on Association issues.

Student Travel Grant
The IAEAC has allocated funds to help students to attend IAEAC events. If you are a Postgraduate Student Member of the Association and are supervised by a Member of IAEAC, you are eligible to apply for a travel grant to attend an IAEAC conference or workshop.
Your mentor must write an endorsement letter and must be himself a member of the IAEAC since at least 1 year.

It is necessary, initially, to have your presentation accepted by the conference organisers. You then complete the attached form that will be reviewed by Members of the IAEAC Extended Executive Committee. Awards are competitive and will be judged on scientific merit. If successful, you will be awarded 600 Euros for short haul destinations and 1200 Euros for long haul destinations. Payments will be made shortly after your attendance at the conference.

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